April 2019   
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Our Beliefs


I.  The Scriptures

We believe in the 66 books of the Protestant Bible. We also believe that the Bible is completely accurate and without error in its original form. We believe that the Bible was written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit by human authors. As the Word of God, we believe that the Bible is the chief authority in the Church.

II.  The True God

We believe in one God. According to the Scriptures God has eternally existed in community, consisting of three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. We believe that each are equal in divine perfection and essence yet distinct.

III.  The Holy Spirit

We affirm that the Holy Spirit is an equal participant in the God-head. We also hold that the Spirit convicts the world of sin, righteousness and judgment. We also affirm that the Holy Spirit is poured out into all those who confess Christ as Lord and Savior, and seals them with salvation until the Lord returns.

We also affirm that the special gifts of the Spirit (Tongues, Healing, Prophecy…) are no longer given by the Spirit since the completion of the cannon.

IV.  Satan

We believe that Satan is the primary adversary of the plans of God. Satan’s purpose is to deceive, enslave, and confuse the world through sinning against God. We affirm that Satan, although given certain powers as the ruler of this age, is still subject to God’s ultimate authority. We also affirm that through the cross Jesus defeated Satan and his work, and at the end of the millennial reign of Christ he will be fully punished by God.

V.  Creation

We believe that God created the world in a mature and complete state in a literal six day span.

VI.  The Fall of Mankind

We believe that mankind was created without sin, but willingly chose to sin and rebel against God. We also believe that since Adam and Eve, all humans are born with imputed sin, but also each willingly sin; and are thus doubly guilty before God and without any excuse.

VII.  The Virgin Birth

We believe that the Holy Spirit came upon Mary, causing her to be pregnant with Jesus in a miraculous fashion that has never, nor will ever, happen again. We do not believe that Mary was sinless or was perpetually a virgin.   

VIII.  The Atonement for Sin

We believe that salvation is only given through the grace of God by faith. This grace is offered to all who believe based on the work of Jesus on the cross, where he voluntarily substituted himself for all the sins of those who would believe. His resurrection is proof that his death was sufficient to pay the debt of sin once for all. 

IX.  The Grace in the New Creation

We believe that confessing faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins is the only way to be saved, and upon a true confession a person is born again by the Holy Spirit. We believe that this new birth is instantaneous, meaning that once a person has received the Holy Spirit they are fully justified before God, although they still sin. One’s new birth is shown through greater degrees of obedience and production through the Holy Spirit of the fruit of the Spirit. 

X.  Justification

We believe that even though the forgiven saint may still sin, he/she is righteous because of Christ from the moment of their new birth. 

XI.  Faith and Salvation

We believe that faith is a gracious gift of God and is in no way a work of mankind. We believe that faith is all that is needed to be saved.

XII.  The Local Church

We believe that the local Church is a gathering of immersed believers under the ultimate authority of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. We also believe in two ordained Church offices (Pastor and Deacon). We believe that these offices are given authority by God for the protection and strengthening of the Church. 

We believe that the mission of the Church is proclaiming the Gospel to the world, through proclamation, discipleship and obedience. We believe that the local Church is autonomous and is ruled only by the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures through its own leadership.

XIII.  Baptism and Communion

We believe that baptism is a symbol that in no form merits grace of any kind for the participate, but we also affirm that baptism is commanded by Christ for all who have made a confession of faith (which excludes infants). Thus, we hold that only those who have been baptized in like fashion may be members of this local Church.

We believe that communion is also a symbol which in no form merits grace for the participants, although it is a reminder of the new covenant and thus an encouragement to the body of believers. 

XIV.  The Security of the Saints

We believe that all those who are truly born again cannot lose their salvation.

XV.  The Righteous and the Wicked

We believe that there is a fundamental difference in essence between the righteous and the wicked. The righteous have experienced the new birth, are at peace with God, and are no longer enslaved to sin (although they still sin), which brings blessing for the here and now, but also eternal blessings to come. 

The wicked are enslaved to sin and are enemies of God, which brings God’s wrath both here and now as well as for eternity to come. We believe that the punishment for sin as well as the rewards for faith are eternal in nature (eternity on the New Earth for the righteous and eternity in Hell for the wicked).

XVI.  Other

We believe in a physical resurrection. We believe in the physical earthly return and reign of Christ. We believe in the millennial reign of Christ on earth, the final rebellion, and the final judgment of the wicked.

XVII.  Marriage

We affirm the fact that the Bible defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman for life. And thus, we affirm the clear biblical teaching that any form of homosexuality or sexual relationship outside of marriage is a sin.

Our full beliefs statement with Scriptural references is available upon request.